Crowd Funding Campaign Launched!

We are pleased to announce that our crowd funding campaign is now… open!

Please click the link here and visit our funding page on Indigogo.

We have just 30 days to raise as much as we can towards the target of £50,000 and we need your help to raise this. Please share the link and if you can, please donate to the project.

One of the great things about Indigogo, is the ‘perks’ that films can offer to anyone who donates. Have a look and see what takes your fancy! Perhaps a limited edition DVD of the film, or a signed certificate from the producers (a perfect present for Christmas!) or an invite to the celebrity premier in London, or even appear in the film itself!

A full list of the ‘perks’ are:

£10 A donation only

Our gratitude!

A warm feeling inside that means you’ve done something to make the world a better place Your name in the supporter’s section of our website

£25 PLUS Certificate and Download

A Supporters Certificate signed by the producers.

A free download of the film when it is available for release.

£50  PLUS Limited Edition DVD

A copy of a limited edition DVD of the film which is exclusive to supporters and includes behind the scenes footage of how we made the film.

£100 PLUS Limited Edition T-Shirt

A magnificent Limited Edition ‘The Lions Last Roar?’ T-Shirt (Large)

£150 PLUS Signed Movie Poster

A Theatrical movie poster signed by the producers and by our charities (Lion Aid, Born Free Foundation) (to be printed on theatrical release in late 2016/early 2017)

£250 PLUS A credit in the Film

Your name in the ‘with thanks’ section of the film credits

£500 PLUS VIP Tickets to the Premier

2 VIP tickets to the London Celebrity Premier of the movie (you need to pay your own travel and accommodation).

£1,000 PLUS Be in the film!

We will interview you as part of the production of the film! Be seen in the film and watched by millions!

£2,500  PLUS Executive Producer

Receive an official Executive Producer credit in the film, and have this listed on IMDB

Please click the link here and visit our funding page on Indigogo to donate.

We will also be launching a Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) in the next few weeks for anyone who wants to invest in the film – minimum investment is £10,000 but SEIS gives you an immediate 50% tax relief. For more details please email us at contact (at) .




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